Le Mage de feu (anglais)

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Le Mage de feu (anglais)

Message  Fëanor le Lun 21 Juin - 17:23

Voici un tuto pour la build d'un mage de feu, j'essaierais de le traduire à l'occasion Wink

Fire Mage Leveling Guide lvl 1-30 "The Early Years"

So, you decided to roll a mage and good for you! It’s a great class for those of us that love high damage output while staying at a far distance from those dirty, smelly mobs we have to deal with – melee is so pedestrian

This guide is intended to provide a very basic guideline on how to;

a) Spend your talent points, and
b) Create a good cast rotation

for your "early years" – meaning level 1 through 30.

There are certain disclaimers/conditions to this guide:
- It was written today, while the game still is in beta, and
- It has a strong focus on fire-based talents,
- It assumes that PRIEST is the secondary class.

The reason it is heavily fire-focused is that it IS, at this time, the most efficient way to level your mage up to level 30 and for people that are new to the class/casual players it’s also less complicated than some of the Wind-based spells that require combinations or preconditions.

Always keep in mind that the BEST spells for you are the ones you like the most and feel most comfortable with. In the end that will mean more to you and for how much you enjoy the game. This guide is purely there to show a way to maximize your DPS (Damage Per Second) during these levels.

The reason that Priest is the ‘chosen’ secondary class is simple: It’s the one that I personally found to be the best compliment to my mage.

You can, by the way, see all Mage Elite skills here: http://www.theromwiki.com/index.php/Mage_Elite_Skills

I am not going to cover stats or gear sets, etc here – just remember that as a mage you can equip:

Daggers, Wands and 2H staffs (obviously also Talismans).


(For those of you who doesn’t want to read through the reasoning and verbal diarrhea below here is a summary of the talents we max out:
Fireball (until level 18),
Lightning (until level 18),
Essence of Magic,
Wisdom (see note),
Fire Knowledge,
Purgatory Fire.

Level 1-5:
This is your easy mode time. You are doing single-target killings. All those shrooms and wolfies won’t know what hit them.
Max out: Flame and Fireball.
Spell rotation: Open up with the spell that has the longest cast time (it’s also often the spell that makes the most damage). A normal attack against mobs at this level would therefore be:
[Flame], [Fireball].
Hopefully by this time your target is dead. If not finish it off in any way you want (smash it with your weapon, throw another spell (a un-leveled wind-based instant cast may be enough to send it over the edge). Mix it up. Have fun. Just make sure it goes down before you do.

You will also at lvl 2 get a shield that you cast on yourself that will absorb a certain amount of damage (‘Electrostatic Charge’).
While it may be very tempting to level this skill don’t do it. Focus on killing things before it gets to you. Even though a shield like this could be beneficial during AoE grinding you are going to have to sacrifice this with your choice to go high-damage with fire for now. Not to say you can’t use it to absorb a tiny amount of damage as you run for your life after having pulled that beefy lvl 8 bear..

Level 6-10:
Not that much different. Single targets. Burn ‘em down. Loot and move on.
You do however gain two very useful talent in this level bracket:
a) As of level 8 you have a way to buy yourself some more time when throwing that Flame spell – it’s called ‘Lightning‘.
What it does is rooting your target in place allowing you some additional cast time before it reaches you.
The more talent point you put into this skill the longer it holds the target still. Also, this root is not broken by damage to the target. It’s really a wonderful skill.
b) You gain a wind-based talent named ‘Discharge‘ at level 10.
If Lightning is your distance-single-target stun then consider Discharge to be your close-range-multi-target stun. It’s an instant-cast AoE spell that does limited dmg but stuns all mobs in range for five seconds.
Even though you are not putting any points into this talent keep it close on your toolbar and play around with it. You’ll be using it a lot soon.

ALSO, something exciting, at lvl 10 you pick your secondary class.
This guide makes the assumption that you chose Priest.

Max out: Flame, Fireball and Lightning.
Spell rotation:
[Flame], [Lightning], [Flame], [Fireball]
Note: One of the things you will notice is that your Lightning spell doesn’t last long enough for you to get off the second Flame before the root is broken. That’s why we keep leveling this skill and make it last longer and longer.
This spell rotation will eventually let you pull and kill mobs that are a few levels above yours with you barely getting damaged in the process,

Note: As mentioned above you now get to pick your secondary class. I’ve found Priests to be very complimentary to the Mage class but pick what YOU want.

Level 11-15:
You’re should now be used to and maybe even bored of single-target killing. Tough luck, you’re gonna be doing it for ten more levels,
At level 12 you receive a new talent named ‘Wisdom‘. This is a skill that increases your intellect value as you level it. Intellect is the prime stat for a mage as it benefits the two most important values you have: your mana pool and your damage output.
The Wisdom talent is one of those debatable talents though and some mages max it out, some raises it when/if they got spare TPs – while some mages don’t bother with it at all. Personally I do max it out when I level to 30 if I know that I will re-spec at that point anyway. If I try to be as frugal as possible and save my lvl 30 respec (you get a free talent point reset at that level) for much later I put no points at all into this talent.

At level 15 you get your first elite skill. If you chose Priest you get a very useful skill named: Essence of Magic.
Essence of Magic is a skill that you will have to level using talent points (TPs) and is in essence a self-buff that increases your damage output.
You either apply this buff on yourself manually (make sure you set the interface to ‘self cast’ if you have an enemy targeted. It’s an easy way to reapply buffs without having to F1-target yourself every time.
OR, download and install the rather wonderful addon nBuff (from www.curse.com). In this addon you list what buffs you like to use and it will always, automatically make sure you got them active on yourself. No need to ever again check them and re-apply them. Lazy? Yes. Convenient? Heck yes.

Max out: Flame, Fireball and Lightning, Essence of Magic and Wisdom (as per above).
Spell rotation:
The same as for lvl 6-10. Your Lightning skill will be able to root your target for longer and longer now.

Level 16-20:
You’re hopefully now Flaming, stunning, Flaming and Fireballing anything to death with no problem.

Some rather exciting talents are being added to your arsenal in this level bracket.

At level 16 you gain a +damage buff named Intensification.
This is a very nice +dmg buff (it increases the damage for your next spell and has a rather short cool-down. If you choose to play with it and even to include it in your spell rotation I recommend creating a macro for it. A very basic macro would look something like;
/cast Intensification
/wait 0.5
/cast Flame

Tie that, or hopefully a neater looking macro, to a key and aways use this on your pull – that way the damage from the spell you open with is always maxed.

I wouldn’t personally put any points into this skill now but as mentioned in the beginning your mage-journey is also to find the spells that you like and if you find that you enjoy this way of casting your lead-spell then knock yourself out

At level 18 you receive your first fire-based AoE (Area of Effect) spell: Phoenix.
As much as I love AoE skills I would still not recommend you putting any points into Phoenix yet. You’ll need them on your current and upcoming skills.

At level 20 you gain a counter-spell named ‘Silence’.
This is an instant-cast spell that silences your target for X seconds. It is a very powerful spell in PvP against other magic users but it is also useful in certain PvE situations when fighting mobs (and later bosses) that cast magic.
Early PvE examples of where you can use Silence are the casters in Northern Tangea and the Mature Tree Ents in Aslan Valley.
Once a PvE mob has been silenced its natural reaction is to run towards you to try to at least beat you up.
In these situations a useful spell sequence would be:
[Flame], [Silence], [Lightning], [Flame], [Fireball] <Dead>
Note that Silence is a ‘general’ talent so it can, just as for instance Fireball, be used by your secondary class as well. It is however at these levels a very situational and non-critical spell so we won’t be putting any points into it but do keep it on your action bar for situations as the ones mentioned above.

At level 20 you can get your second Elite skill. If you chose Priest that is Purify. It’s…well…uh….cough-cough-useless-cough-cough..but maybe..later…

Max Out: Flame, Fireball, Lightning, Wisdom (see notes above) and Essence of Magic.
Spell Rotation:
I hate to say it but…still the same. But at this time the Lightning spell will for the first time actually root your target long enough for your second Flame to hit it before it breaks. You can now more safely down bigger and badder mobs.

NOTE: I would advice you to stop putting talent points into Fireball at +20 and Lightning at +15..
Trust me, you’ll be using those talent points in more important spells as we progress. Also, your Lightning skill should now be able to stun your target for about 4.5 seconds which will suffice for now. Also important is that +15 in Lightning is what will be required later on for you to be able to use the Thunderstorm spell.
Things to run: Wind Mill as of lvl 18.

Level 21-25:
Things are getting more and more exciting as you gain more and more dmg to your spells.
At level 22 you will gain a talent named ‘Fire Knowledge‘ which is a passive talent that increases your fire-based damage output as you level it.

At level 25 you can get your third Elite skill.If you chose Priest this will be: Outburst which is a very nice +damage talent (that, however only effects Flame and Fireball).

Max Out: Flame, Wisdom (see above), Fire Knowledge, Essence of Magic.
Things to run: Windmill. You may also in the later levels in this bracket (24-25) start running Forsaken Abbey. Your utility will still be limited to single-target killing though.
Spell Rotation:
Cough-cough-the same-cough-cough

Level 26-30:
Almost there…

And, exciting stuff…at level 26 you gain what will be your best AoE-friend for some levels: Purgatory Fire and a new way of killing opens up to you…

Purgatory Fire is, as mentioned an AoE damage spell that is instant cast and deals fire damage to all targets within range.
You are now able to start doing some AoE damage in parties. But be careful. The last thing you want to do is to run up to the tank, spam Purg and have five mobs immediately start beating on you while the healer is focusing on the tank.

IF you chose to start playing with AoE in parties at this point (and do. It’s fun!) then do this;
- ASK the tank if he wants you to AoE the next group,
- If he says yes then make sure the healer puts a shield on you AND heals you,
- When you’re at the mobs cast ‘Discharge‘ and spam your Purgatory Fire,
- Don’t Die.

Max Out: Flame, Wisdom, Fire Knowledge, Purgatory Fire and Essence of Magic.
Things to run: Wind Mill, Bloody Gallery and Forsaken Abbey
Spell Rotations:
1) Single-target-non magic user:
[Flame], [Lightning], [Flame], [Fireball], [Purg (as needed)]

2) Single-target magic user:
[Flame], [Silence], [Lightning], [Flame], [Fireball], [Purg (as needed)]

3) Multi-mobs:
[Discharge], [Purgatory Fire (repeat until nothing moves..)]

You made it all the way to the free talent respec (at level 30)
Now you can spec any gddamn way you want and even drop all those points in Fireball should you choose so.
Remember that at higher levels AoE and CC (Crowd control) becomes much more important so look at Purge, Phoenix, Thunderstorm and pick the road you want to travel down.

Hopefully this will at least give you an IDEA about what to do with your mage during those crucial, early years.

Q) Hey, what do I do with the talents for my secondary, the priest?
A) Depends. If you actually play your priest as a priest then check out the Priest forum. If you are happy with the Priest just being there to assist your main – the mage – then always keep Regen maxed (your mage-half will love it), max out BoneChill for the few times when you may actually DO anything with him and make sure to keep enough TPs saved up to max out Tidal should you go down the road of using the later M/P elite skill where you can instant cast it as a mage.

Q) But Fireball is so useful on my other class ‘X’ as it’s a shared skill. Why don’t I max it?
A) Sure you can and it does benefit your secondary – but personally not to the point that I would want to put any points into it after about lvl 18 (zero after lvl 30) as it will gimp my other Mage abilities too much to not have those talent points available to me.

Q) WTF do U knowz n00b? U suck. AND I hear u likes Mudkipz!
A) [Flame],[Lightning],[Flame],[Purge][Purge]

Finally: This is by no means meant to be written in stone.
I welcome ALL comments and suggestions and will happily modify/update this guide to make it as good as we can.
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Re: Le Mage de feu (anglais)

Message  Albione le Dim 11 Juil - 20:06

Le soucis, c'est que je suis en balsa de recup avec des vrais bouts de plastique pas dur dedans....
Resultats des courses, je balance la purée et je me barre en courant, sinon, vraiment classe comme perso !
Mouais, avoir le DPS d'un porte avion avec la defense d'un chiwawa sauvage c'est pas facile. Vous autres, les chevaliers et autre cuirassiers, c'est vrai que vous avancez à rien mais vous mourru pas au moindre geste d'un boss de troisième zone. Vous avez déjà tenter de baffrer une glace dans une étuve a 80°c, avec des moufles, et un masque à gaz, le tout avec des palmes et un tuba le tout sur l'air de tata yoyo? Jamais hein ! He bien le mage dans ROM c'est pareil, ç'est simple au début et plus ça va et plus ça va mal....Bon, je ne vais pas jouer ma lucette, et je retourne pleurer dans la foret tout seul..... Vous êtes pas gentils.


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Re: Le Mage de feu (anglais)

Message  Invité le Lun 12 Juil - 15:29

perso je met 1h a tuer un mob mais je peux aller pisser pendent que je tape ou même aller chercher une bière dans le bac a bière.

sinon comme dirai un mec full kipik de lv55/57 go te stuffer et après c'est facile Sad


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Re: Le Mage de feu (anglais)

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